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©2018 by Jessica J. James.

Who I Am

Jessica J. James, LMT #8991

I am a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine with over 15 years experience in the field under the tutelage of the late Dr. Michael E. James, NMD (who also happened to be my dad).
I love empowering patients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts. As both a licensed massage therapist and an herbal consultant, I enjoy helping bridge the gap between western medicine and alternative health care, while providing a safe, nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.
Whether giving a massage, offering herbal remedy suggestions, or mentoring you towards your personal goals, I offer the best of me to you.

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My Experience

Your Expert Alternative Health Care Professional

Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a 2003 graduate of the Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am licensed by the State of New Mexico as a massage therapist, as well as Nationally Certified. I bring over 15 years experience into my practice and offer tailored massages blending Swedish, acupressure, reflexology and connective tissue techniques. I intentionally create a massage that will suit your specific needs. My hope is that my approach will offer harmony, balance, and ease to your busy life.

Herbal Consultant

Am I allowed to say my experience with herbs and vitamins started back in 1979 when I was born...? Doing things naturally is just the way I was raised. I believe in the healing power of good herbs. Herbs that when properly used help restore natural function to the body so it can do it's job well, whether that job is balancing hormones, soothing the nervous system, or strengthening our motor control. I understand, through a lifetime of experience, that they are a LOT less scary than many people are led to believe. I worked with my father, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, in his clinic for nearly 15 years and have seen the herbs and vitamins we use change lives. I'd love to share what I know!


I have always enjoyed the bi-directional nature of learning and teaching, both personally and professionally. I have been fortunate to have had incredible mentors throughout my entire life. This has impacted and influenced every aspect of who I am today. Thus, this has become a natural transition for me to fall into the roll of an educator.

I have loved teaching children and youth, young adults and professionals, on a plethora of topics such as nutrition, herbs, anatomy, attitude, self-worth, food storage, green living, massage, etc.

Whether through the written word or on stage at a seminar, my hope is to touch and teach, support and encourage, and to challenge and inspire.