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  • Your practitioner is not a licensed physician, thus, no medical diagnosis, treatment, or cure will be rendered.

  • Your practitioner is a trained and licensed massage therapist. This therapy is intended to support the natural healing process of the body. It is used to aid in and restore normal and balanced body functions.

  • Risks associated with massage therapy include, but are not limited to;

Superficial bruising

Short-term muscle soreness

Exacerbation of undiscovered injury.

  • You, therefore, release the company and the individual massage therapist from all liability concerning injuries that may occur during the massage session.

  • It is your responsibility to inform your therapist of pre-existing conditions or sensitivities that will limit manual therapy. It is your responsibility to advise the therapist of any discomfort during the massage. It is the responsibility of the therapist to adjust the touch or temperature in response to your communication.

  • The practitioner will apply massage therapy to the requested body area(s) and muscles. Massage therapy for improved health does not indicate medical diagnosis or treatment.

  • A wellness client is booked at $50 an hour depending on the state. A medical massage, authorized by a physician, is billed at $60 per medical unit depending on the state. A unit is 15 minutes and a maximum of four units per visit is allowed. In the event your insurance does not pay the full amount of the claim, you accept full responsibility for any balance due.

  • You or the massage therapist may terminate the session at any time.

By scheduling, you agree to these policies.

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