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A few personal & professional go-to's

Herbs & Vitamins

​All natural herbal supplements that help with anything from arthritis, UTI's, injuries, cataracts, skin problems, etc.

Our Mission

  1. Independence through knowledge of herbal therapy.

  2. Commitment to providing fresh and effective clinical strength formulas.

  3. Helping you dispel myths about herbs and alternative therapy.

  4. To be a continuing resource for training about herbs and alternative health care modalities.

Formulated by a Master Herbalist and Naturopathic Medical Doctor for use in his private practice.

Made in the USA with no fillers or flow agents.

Fresh, potent, and untainted.

Trusted and loved since 1980.

Norwex Household Products

WOW! Norwex Microfiber is more than just a cleaning product. When you use a Norwex Microfiber product, you are making a real difference for yourself, your family and the environment.

Chemical-free cleaning products for:






Cars, and more!

Decrease the time you spend cleaning; reduce the use of cleaning products; reduce exposure to toxic fumes and harmful chemicals; reduce paper towel use and landfill contributions; preserve the environment for future generations.

Sole Comfort Shoes

"Our mission is to fully assess painful lower extremity conditions that prevent or inhibit individuals from living an active life style and to provide professional footwear fittings and evaluations."

Many foot, lower extremity and back problems are directly related to biomechanical problems and improper shoes. Our professional staff is able to provide reasonably priced evaluations, orthotics, Footwear Modifications, and Custom Shoes.