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How Much Clothing to Remove

First and foremost, draping is to protect your privacy. Throughout the massage you should feel covered, warm and comfortable.

As an experienced massage therapist, draping will be smooth and seamless and won't interrupt the flow of the massage.

After the client consultation, I will leave the room so you can get undressed. Unsure how much clothing to remove prior to your massage? Well, that depends on your personal comfort level. - Ideally, the more exposed skin the better, so most people either undress completely or just leave their underwear on; however, the choice is 100% yours. - You then get between the fitted sheet and top sheet. When temperature calls for it, I will have a blanket on the table as well as a table warmer underneath to keep you warm and cozy throughout the massage.


During the massage, you will be fully draped with a sheet/blanket and only the body part that I am working on is uncovered. I will only work on that one body part at a time then recover it and move on. I will never work under the sheets. Your genitalia (including breasts of female clients) will never be exposed.

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE DRAPE DURING A MASSAGE FOR ANY REASON. You can ask me to adjust the room temperature or address other concerns, but the draping must remain on at all times. This is State Law.

By scheduling, you agree to these policies.

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